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Amber Gazzolo

Grip it Girl Golfer, Founder

Amber began golfing as a young teenager, and she quickly fell in love with the sport. She founded the first girl's golf team at her high school. To her and her teammates surprise this soon spiraled into the creation of the first girl's golf league in the district.  She cherishes the game and the life lessons learned through the challenges of the game. 

Favorite quote: "Of all the hazards, fear is the worst" - Sam Snead


Zachary Gleysteen

Certified PGA Professional 

Grip it Girl Instructor

Zachary started golf as a hobby over 20 years ago and it quickly became his passion. He loved how challenging the game was and how much one could learn every time they played. Zach's passion eventually became so strong he set out to make golf his career. He became a certified PGA Professional in 2018 and dedicated his time to helping others enjoy the game as much as he does. 

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