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Committing To Golf Might Be The Best Decision You Ever Make

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

lt is about EMPOWERING yourself.


LEARNING about yourself.

There are two aspects to golf, the physical and the mental. Both are a constant roller coaster ride that will send us into twists, turns and plunges. We both love and hate the ride at the same time.

The physical aspect of golf requires a lot of focused repetition and specific practice. It's building up from tenaciously reached plateaus. When we are not standing on a plateau we are climbing up a steep hill, occasionally sliding down, with no end in sight. We feel safe and comfortable on the plateau, until it's time to start climbing again. Taking one calculated step at a time will get us where we want to go. Blood, sweat and tears are very present on this journey. We bleed pride, sweat humility and shed tears of utter frustration.

It's this challenge that makes the game so great. As we struggle openly and freely, we find ourself. We discover things about who we are and what we are capable of. We become empowered to do, be and create, freely and honestly. There is no better lie detector than the golf course. It will unveil all our weaknesses and expose those parts of us we work so hard to hide. We have to face ourselves and our situation head on, without any distractions or veils; just being with the pain, discomfort, anger and frustration. We are fully exposed.

But through it all we learn. We expand. We detach from our emotions and protectiveness and reattach to our energy, our surroundings and our greatness. It helps us become courageous and fierce. It allows us to make mistakes without judgement. It instills patience, perseverance and humility. It never stops challenging us and pushing us to be better. It truly is the greatest game and committing to golf will be the most empowering decision you ever make.

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