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Give the Gift of Golf

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Giving is a very special thing to be able to do, but it can be stressful and overwhelming trying to find that PERFECT gift. We can get so overwhelmed we break down and cry or worse, become so unnerved we start pulling out our hair in complete defeat.

Keep your hair intact and stress no more because we have an awesome solution for all your gift giving needs.

The perfect gift idea for everyone on your list is...


If you are feeling like Jimmy Fallon, not to worry. I have the explanation right here.

Why give the gift of golf?

Well, the simple answer is because golf is THE GREATEST GAME (anyone who has every played can attest to this) and all those special in your life deserve the opportunity to play golf.

The more long winded answer is... (stay with me)

Golf is a game full of fresh air and exercise. Quality conversations with a friend and unconditional encouragement from a stranger. It's a game you can play with your 9 year old daughter or 79 year old grandfather. You can compete fairly with someone much better than you or share the work with a group of 3 others.

Your skill level is never judged or criticized, instead it is embraced with open arms from every tee box. It's a game where your fearlessness is rewarded and your timidness is accepted and nurtured.

It's a game of integrity, personal responsibility and mental fortitude. But golf is also a game full of laughter, encouragement and unity.

The golf course can also be 4 mile fashion runway to showcase some stylish, classy and bold fashions. There are no uniforms in this game. Your unique style gets to shine every time you play.

All who play golf know how sacred and special it is. It seems almost blasphemous to not share, encourage and give the gift of golf to those most special to us.

So we have answered the why. The next question is how?

How do we give the gift of golf?

It starts with encouragement to go out and play. But there are a few other ways to experience that perfect-gift glow and also get them hooked on the game.

  1. Golf lessons - Now golf lessons might seem expensive or we might not know the first place to look to get lessons. But truth be told, lessons for beginner and intermediate golfers can be very reasonable. There are covid friendly online options and also covid safe in person solutions. A great resource for golf lessons is GOLF They are an awesome platform for all ones golf lesson needs. My favorite instructor is of course, Zach Gleysteen!

  2. Golf clubs - Golf lessons are a great option, but it is also important to have the right equipment. It is not necessary to have every club in the bag when first starting to play, but having at least a few clubs does make learning the game a lot easier. Here are a few options for getting a golf set.

a. Often times thrift stores or even golf stores like Roger Dunn and The World Wide Golf Shop offer heavily discounted used clubs.

b. Another awesome solution is Golf Bestbuy They are an online retailer with a variety of men's, women's and youth clubs for all levels. They are extremely budget friendly and the customer service is great.

3. Golf Fashion - And yes this does include the very adorable, high quality, high performance Grip It Girl Golf Glove! In case you have not seen this beautiful glove, here it is...

This glove alone will put a smile on every girl's face.

In addition to a golf glove, which are honestly very important for golfers, there are a great deal of fashionable golf clothes on the market.

As I mentioned before, the golf course is a great place to showcase your unique fashion.

A great resource for golf clothes is of course Amazon.

A few of my favorite options are:

Women's Golf skort (I always get compliments on this skirt and it's very comfortable) Women's Golf Shirt (Comfortable and stylish female golf shirt)

Men's Golf Pants (Lululemon makes an awesome golf pant that is a huge fan favorite) or of course anything

Johnnie-O. (The coolest, chill, everyday golf brand!)

Win the perfect give award with all your loved ones by giving the gift of golf this holiday season. Whether it's a cute or studly new golf outfit, golf glove or new set of club, this will be the gift the keeps on giving!

We are also helping bring this gift of golf to others by giving away a beautiful Complete Women's Golf Set. Click the photo for giveaway details!


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