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"How in the world do I play golf?"

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

I sometimes find myself wondering, "how in the world do I play golf?".

Golf is such a big part of my life, yet this questions stills comes up.

When I say "big part" I mean BIG. I have more golf clothes than any other variety, my golf clubs are always with me, I spend more time playing golf than any other activity, and just about all my references to life are through golf.

But how am I playing the game? This game that was not apart of my childhood nor was it anything I ever cared about. It always seemed unrelatable and out of reach. And quite frankly, it always seemed extremely boring. I quickly learned it was not boring in the slightest, emotionally challenging, draining and confusing, YES, but boring, NO.

I had a few lessons in my teens which is great, I got some exposure, but I was still not convinced I ever want to become a "golfer. Those initial biases still rang true for me.

Have you ever looked back on something and thought, "How in the world did that happen?" or "How in the world did I do that?". It is impossible to see the present from our starting point but once we get there, it seems impossible that it happened.

In a world where confusion is all around us, it's no wonder we are unable to understand our journey let alone fully see it and experience it unfold. So many things happen along the way, it's difficult to keep track, but it's also difficult to know if we are still on the same path, still completing the same journey.

I imagine my life sometimes without golf. That would mean a void of over twenty thousand hours. What in the world would I have done instead? It is interesting to quickly ponder, but not helpful in the least to dwell on. Still, in those open moments in my day I find myself at the golf course. I find myself working so hard towards a non-goal. I find myself angry, upset, confused, frustrated over and over again only to keep trying, to keep working at it. To continue to push my limits and go beyond my previously determined boundaries.

There is no end game for me when it comes to golf. There is no point of stopping, of having perfected the sport and thus completing the journey. There is no point of fully understanding it or even fully accepting some parts of it. There are moments, yes, beautiful, surreal moments that come and go as fast as a hooked drive.

I've asked myself that question, not because I was confused how I got into the game or because I was confused why I continue playing the game (although this question does come up at times, wink). But because I was confused how I got so darn lucky. A few seemingly innocent, unimportant decisions led me to even being able to ponder this question, "how in the world do I play golf?". And they ended up being the most important decisions in my life.

With the right intention and the right attitude, life unfolds as it's meant to, for all of us. And stepping back and letting it happen is the greatest thing we can do for ourselves. So when you find yourself in a situation asking, "how in the world am I here?", be gratefully because that situation is one of the greatest gifts of your life. You will see.

That being said, I am off to the golf course to face the many new challenges that will inevitably arise.

Happy Golfing,

Grip It Girl

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