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Start Learning the Golf Swing In Three Simple Steps

Learning the golf swing can seem very intimidating, preventing a lot of people from even attempting to try. It is a sad fallacy about the game and golf is not as overwhelming as it might seem. Anyone can start learning to swing a golf club and I have created three simple steps to get you started.

Although there are a lot of moving parts in the golf swing, most of them are natural movements we already know how to perform. Instead of worrying about every movement, focus on three specific lines of the golf swing. These three lines create three simple steps to learning the golf swing and beginning an amazing golfer's journey.

The first line or step is created from the initial movement of the golf club.

This is one of the most important lines of the golf swing so it is helpful to use an aid to make sure we are keeping it straight. We start by laying down a golf club behind our ball, towards are target. The grounded golf club is to help us guide the club back in a straight line. If we want the ball to go in the direction of our target, we need to make sure the club head is on that same directional line.

Once we take the club back in a straight line we begin to lift it up and around our torso.

This is where we focus on the second step and line two.

The second line is at the top of our backswing created by the straight line of our left arm (right arm for left handed golfers). Once we reach the top of the backswing we want to make sure the left arm is straight. We set up to the ball with our arms straight and we want to return to the ball with the same straight arms. This second line aids in making sure we return to the ball with our straight arms.

The final step, correlating to the third line, is the imaginary line from our belly button to the target.

Once we finish the swing, our shoulders and torso should be facing the target. We should be able to draw a straight imaginary line from the belly button to our target. If that line is angled in anyway we perhaps made a slight error in the swing. When we focus on creating a straight line from our belly button to our target, we naturally move our hips and body through the golf swing properly and transfer our weight to the front foot.

As we focus on creating these three lines, we prevent our mind from overcomplicating the golf swing. Instead our body just has three simple steps to perform.

As a beginner, this is a great way to start learning the golf swing and becoming comfortable with the game. Through progression we can implement more specific instructions and over time replace these steps with three other focus points. But as you start to learn the game, keep it simple and enjoy the process. The golf swing is not something that can be mastered overnight, but it is something we can start learning today.

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