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Who is Grip It Girl?

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

She it me, she is you. She is everyone who wants to bring more joy, growth and creativity into their lives. She is dedicated, self-confident and determined. She fails, doubts and even feels lost. But she never gives up, she never stops working at it, she never lets the burning fire inside go out. She is positive, humourous and creative. And she is an ambassador for all to find this part of themselves.

Golf is her outlet, her sparring grounds, her stage, her Mt. Everest, her joy, her challenger, but ultimately, Golf is her teacher. Golf continues to teach her everything about herself and builds on her self-confidence, determination and creativity.

With humour and acceptance, Golf will be the greatest game you ever play.

Join Grip it Girl on her journey to share the game of golf, one of life's best outlets to learn, explore and grow.

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