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Image by Markus Spiske

The Team. The Misson. The Vision

The Team


Founder & Instuctor

Amber Gazzolo


PGA Instructor 

Zach Gleysteen


Grip it Girl Golf is here to help you navigate through this arduous yet exciting golf journey. We have stepped out of the box of traditional golf lessons to offer simple, fun and effective golf lessons catered to your individual style and intention.  

We focus on golf lessons for girls and women, although all genders are more than welcome and encouraged to try any or all of our programs.



To give females encouragement, advice and instruction during and after the timid stages of their golf start. Golf is an amazing game full of healthy exercise, challenging obstacles and inner awareness and growth. We hope to encourage and inspire girls and women of all ages to not only play their best golf, but learn, grow and love the golfers journey.   



For everyone to experience the sheer beauty of swinging into the sunset and overcome the torturous frustration of hitting a poor shot only to be rewarded with the next shot going in the hole. Our vision is for everyone to feel comfortable, excited and accepted on and off the golf course. We are building an all inclusive golf for everyone community. 

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